Gurjit Kaur

Změnit fotku v záhlaví
Změnit fotku v záhlaví
Experienced native speaker from the UK
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zkušená lektorka angličtiny (rodilá mluvčí z Velké Británie)
Hello my name is Gurjit Kaur, I am from the UK and a native English speaker. I completed a TEFL course, in Prague. I have gained a good level of experience, to teach via the online platform. I also have, brief experience of having taught, English in Laos, as well. Which was all face to face teaching, in a larger classroom setting. 
My reason for wanting to be a Tefl teacher is, because I am passionate about teaching and I myself have also studied French in school and Spanish, in Peru. This therefore, successfully, equips me to have a sound knowledge, about the commitment, devotion, sometimes even the challenges and most importantly the fun, involved, in learning a new language. I am also able to speak Punjabi and have some understanding of Hindi, as well. 
My specialist background, is within the Mental Health Sector. I have substantial experience, as a online Distance Learning Tutor, which entailed marking the work, of learners aiding their professional work. 
My preferred style of teaching is to be warm, compassionate, empathic and empowering. However, I am also hoping that students' will put time and devotion into their learning. I am very enthusiastic, about wanting my students, to obtain the best, that they can. 
Angličtina, Francouzština, Španělština

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