Gurjit Kaur

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Změnit fotku v záhlaví
Experienced native speaker from the UK
Stav tohoto uživatelského účtu je Schválené
Hodnocení Lektora
5.00 průměr hodnocení založený na 3 recenzích.
Robert Chalupecky, Academic Director, CHC od Inna Fridrikova, Únor 10, 2021

Gurjit was well prepared for all her lessons. She demonstrated sufficient class management skills, her instructions were clear and she managed to achieve her objections. In case of online lessons, she was also able to deal with technical problems that came up without losing the main focus of the lesson.

od Inna Fridrikova, June 16, 2021
Participant of Gurjit’s class od Inna Fridrikova, Únor 10, 2021

Lesson was fluid, engaging. Trainee was prepared very well, participation was equal.

Use of materials, activities and structure was very well.

Instructions were clear with demonstrations, appropriate error correction.

Lesson was optimally balanced between trainee and student.

I enjoyed it very much. It was very interesting for me.

od Inna Fridrikova, June 16, 2021
Gurjit’s student, first experience od Inna Fridrikova, Únor 05, 2021

In November 2020, I volunteered to become Gurjit’s human guinea pig as she needed someone to prove her teaching skills on. Even though she had to teach the lesson online due to covid restrictions she made a good impression on me. However her lesson could have been a tiny little bit more difficult since it was meant to be a C2 lesson (not quite sure about the level, though), I appreciated its structure and enjoyed the activities. I believe that with wise tutoring, Gurjit could be a great and dedicated teacher.

od Inna Fridrikova, June 16, 2021