Christian A.V.

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Změnit fotku v záhlaví
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Tento uživatel nemá prozatím vyplněny žádné údaje.

zkušený lektor angličtiny, rodilý mluvčí (Velká Británie)

Christian is from the United Kingdom and has been living in Czechia for the past 6 years teaching both as a tutor to adults and in the Czech school system with young learners.

He believes the best way for students to learn a second language is by removing the fear factor of making mistakes as well as focusing on topics which students have a genuine interest / passion for.
Christian has a strong enthusiasm for his work and believes in order to be a good teacher you must first become a good student.

He has an extensive set of hobbies and interests ranging from music and art to philosophy, politics and culture.

Prior to becoming a teacher Christian formerly worked in the music industry touring with various bands as well as songwriting and collaborating with various artists.
He welcomes you on this journey and looks forward to meeting you.

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