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lektorka angličtiny

Hello there,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Alice a I teach English and Czech for foreigners here at Britannika. I am Czech native but I spent my childhood in the USA, I grew up in New York City and still consider this place my second home. NY, NY is called the melting pot and one can only agree - I feel very good in an international, multicultural and tolerant environment. That is one of the reasons I am so passionate about teaching. You meet so many different people of all kinds of professions, interests, goals and motivations for picking- up or improving a new language, so it´s never boring.

My professional carrier has been divided in two. I studied on the Faculty of Pedagogy in Prague but I also have a business and legal background. Aside from teaching I worked for several corporate companies and also in a legal company focused on intellectual property rights.

A new language broadens the horizon – in my classes you don’t have to be stressed or afraid to talk. I know how it feels like to be insecure or shy to speak in language which is not you mother tongue but don´t worry we will work on that and I am looking forward.


Languages spoken: Czech native




Angličtina, Čeština
Angličtina, Němčina, Španělština, Čeština

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