Alexander Martin

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Změnit fotku v záhlaví
Passionate teacher of English (native speaker)
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English language teacher (native speaker)

Hello! My name is Alexander Martin, and I'm a professional English language consultant from Scotland.  I graduated from the University of Leeds, UK in 2015 where soon after I relocated to Prague, Czech Republic to begin my working life.  After 1 year working in customer service at a start-up company, I decided my goal was to work in education and retrained as a program administrator for an online university where I stayed for another year.

During my time working for the university I realised I wanted to work more directly with students, not only advising them but directly teaching them the material in a way that is fun and easy to understand so I quickly enrolled in a TEFL course and began my teaching career.

Not only do I have experience in business and technical fields I also have thousands of hours teaching a wide range of students of all different ages and levels.  I have seen all kinds of progress and strongly believe that anyone can learn English!  I teach conversational English, along with grammar, vocabulary and specialty subjects such as business english or technical english in order to develop fluency and confidence by encouraging conversation, error correction and, most importantly, fun.

My time in Prague has been the most valuable and fun period of my life, I love the Czech Republic and hope to stay here as long as possible to provide students with high-quality lessons designed around each student's specific learning goals.

When I’m not teaching you can usually find me in a nearby cafe either playing boardgames, reading a history book or looking up new food recipes to cook.  I am also a keen traveler, always looking to expand my horizons by learning and experiencing the world and people around me.  Thank you for taking the time to read about myself and I look forward to meeting you soon.